Saturday, May 02, 2009

"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (2009) - Movie Review

I would gladly say that I had an entertaining time watching “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. I would also say that as this fictitious indestructible comically named metal “adamantium” , it adamantly resists to develop the character of James Logan a.k.a Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). The “X-men” series are unadulterated fun and it quite carried its aura of being a little over above the regular mindless block buster consistently. When the promos for this film began to hit the screens, I had a good feeling that there will be a pragmatic presentation into this wild character of mutant over the staple action scenes. It rarely does so.

Before the civil war comes two brothers James Logan and the outlandishly negative elder brother Victor Creed (Liev Schreiber). They become immortal fighters for the American army going through the wars and the mark of the “hollywood” evil war, the Vietnam War. There is always a fanatic military officer hunting around looking for people. Generally officers like Stryker (Danny Huston) have a ready tool set in their coat with syringes for extracting blood samples from these special people and a written script of lines to persuade mindless ruffian heroes and mutants in this case to work for the government and say “country needs you” or “I can help you get the revenge”. There are actors type casted and when it happens to lead actors, their careers perish. When it happens to actors like Danny Huston, they crop as different forms of same sleazy double crossing middle villains as Stryker. There are no possibilities for him being anything other than that and he now can become a brand ambassador for those roles. I hope he pulls something else apart from that.

Wolverine has a selective conscience. He tilts his mind for murders when escaping out of a situation killing soldiers who were merely ordered. Then he spits easy speeches like “they were decent people” later to another mutant. But Hugh Jackman does this angry man with a passion. He now has the capability to behave with his broad shoulders and disappear in that role. As he leads this “peaceful” life which means live with an outstandingly hot girl friend (Lynn Collins) working either as a teacher or work in day care or as nurse or anything which has kids and care rhyming merrily with each other. He works hard as a lumber jack but owns this great secluded property in the middle of nowhere. He loves his girl and the girl has a legendary story as answer for her questions which no one would give a damn like “Why moon is alone?” Thus we learn his name origin of Wolverine. They are happy and knows the past of our man waking up from nightmares. That means it will crumble as expected.

When we meet Wolverine his knuckles extends elongated bone structures not metal knives. It is that obsessive experiment Stryker wants which as said is the painful procedure ever and his body endures it to become the walking chopping machine. When Stryker puts together the team and when they enter a guarded diamond kingdom in Nigeria, there were characters coming out along with fast actions. Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson was very effective and I am annoyed that this capable actor is not getting more chances than he really should. And even if he does, they come as amputated assortments.

For everything the film markets, it delivers. But I do not see any kind of difference from the other X-Men films. Actually the other franchise had some actual issues of dealing with mutants and some mutants wanting to get rid of their powers. This compulsion of military conducting experiments gets to my nerve. The plot as it claims tells that Stryker does nothing but emotional drama with a blood. And why does Victor wants to be this animal and also get his brother along for the ride? He is a plot victim moved upon as the wishes of director Gavin Hood and becomes friend/enemy/brother/warmonger/sociopath and every other thing. In the end the bond between the brothers which in reality has been for more than hundred years sounds ridiculous.

Too many characters begging to be friends of Wolverine and wants to be BFF within limited amount of time. Taylor Kitsch as Gambit is some one with that yearning. He attacks Wolverine initially and suddenly he is risking his life for him. The only plausible exploration into the balance of judgment in determining his way of life was the titular character and he is busy checking the sharpness of his weapons. For the good times the film provides, you do not need a new film for it rather rent the other films of the franchise which does the same and does it cheap.


vani said...

Haven't watched it yet. Reviews sound bad. Not sure if it's worth watching on big screen. What do you say?

Ashok said...

Just as I said, nothing special. Usual blockbuster :-). Upto you !

vani said...

Watched it today. It was entertaining but it has flaws like you mentioned.

Nomad said...

not surprisingly, i found myself wanting more of Ryan Reynolds being himself... his presence in any movie makes it automatically funnier / more entertaining

Ashok said...

That is true Nomad !