Saturday, December 09, 2006

"Casino Royale" (2006) - Movie Review - "A Thorough Entertainer"

The birth of 007 and his first mission in the force is “Casino Royale”. Daniel Craig (“Layer Cake”, “Munich” and “Enduring Love”), appears as the new bond. His enactment of Bond, who is novice, yet shrewd and skillful in the job is emphatic and phenomenal.

Black and white sequences kicks of the movie with the double “oh” agent, James Bond, born as a spy with cold heart and proves his presence in the league of secret agents. From then on, it is an intriguing tour around the globe with Mr. Bond and his adventures, his intelligence, his skill and his love. “Casino Royale” basically wins in the department of characterization which has suddenly found its mark in Hollywood in the past couple of years. It seeped its way into super-hero movies and finally got into our very own Bond. For all the regular Bond movie fans, there will be no amazing electronic gadgets or usual amount of steamy scenes, rather they are set for a ride into the dark hearts of a secret agent who does mistakes to learn from them, to trust on the mistrust and also to learn that he is still a human.

In the technical department, even though there is no explicit evidence of experimentation in the cinematography, it definitely bodes the “Fight Club” environment required at the intense moments. A special applause to the stunts department for coming up with an edgy and intelligent choreography. After a long time, there marks a spectacular human chase sequence which is gripping and makes you finish off all your nails. The background score brings out the modern Bond theme with the old tidbits which tingles in subtle ways.

Eva Green (“Dreamers”, “Kingdom of Heaven”) as Bond Girl gets a meaty role as Bond’s Love. What more can a Bond Girl ask for? She gives in a nice and neat performance while it is Daniel Craig all over the movie making his presence enchanting and classy. Even though Martin Campbell, the director, who gave an impressive start for the previous Bond in “Golden Eye”, has surpassed it in this movie, it is the brilliant seizure of the opportunity by Craig which steals the show. Judi Dench as “M” who is in her usual acidic tones during the briefing and advising Bond is impressive.

Coming to the weak points of the movie, it is too long for a Bond movie. There were some instances which could have been easily eliminated but it seems the director wanted to make sure to address all genre of audience. The second weak point in the list is the antagonist; the character of Le Chiffre played by Mads Mikkelsen which does not compliment the Bond’s striking presence.

Nevertheless, this movie will make an impression among the audience as the classiest, grittiest, and sexiest, and of all substantial Bond we have ever seen since “Dr. No”. Everyone can surely witness a “long life expectancy” for this Bond.

(Thanks to Mathangi for Proof Reading and Corrections)