Monday, December 28, 2009

The Year is Ending and the time is near....

Hello All !

The few of the dedicated followers of this blog and the people stumbling up for first time out here, I am sure everyone of you are in their own world of celebrations, expectations and in holidays which never seems to end but the time it reaches to it is like a rocket ride. I am in one of those and it has been a great one so far. Traveled in India, spent immense time with family and a temporary hiatus in terms of films and writing. But I am coming back soon and it would be a feast ! So watch out and keep on the lookout for this space as I flurry the pages with reviews, opinions and of course the best of the films I managed to see in 2009. The final one might take a little time due to one of the worst distributions in terms of picking up of critically acclaimed movies combined with my absence which would take time to catch up and make a list. Anyway, so gear up and be ready as I will be going full throttle when I come back. Have a great new year and see you all soon !!!