Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Crank: High Voltage" (2009) - Movie Review

I never try to leave a show. I consider it rude for the effort been put on by many of the people. Yet I sometime stop some DVDs, for which I do not write review and politely accept that it is not my cup of tea. Some films offend me but even in that I can see their boldness and candid idea to put it forward. I came close to walking out of “Crank: High Voltage” which may be the worst film I have ever seen. It is disrespectful to the medium of art and it violates, abuses and giggles while doing it over the faces of the audience. It offended me as a film goer and I have no feeling of any kind for the aspect the directors Mark Nevedine and Brian Taylor (wondering it takes two people to make a crap like this) put forth in a known debacle of a sequel. Let me not talk about their previous venture.

When the trailers for this film came, one wonders how it is possible because at the end of the first film, Chev Chelios (Jason Statham in an unforgivable role again) falls from a helicopter, lands on a car and lay dead on the roads of Los Angeles. And hence when I enter the theatre with the idea of what to expect, I plainly was in the ride for some good brainless entertainment. This film managed to fail beyond the wildest and freakiest imagination for a viewer with such an expectation.

He is scraped off the road and then his body parts are used for some organ trading. Then to keep him alive till they extract the other parts, they put an artificial heart which gets triggered by electrical charges thus the title. You see the brainless entertainment I was talking about. The film is a horrendous celebration of violence, sex and abuse. Supposedly high on gore and curse, it bores you every single moment it gets. It is a grind house film which boasts as something else. It does not have the honesty to even accept that and advertise as surreal portrayal of mindless action.

And the characters if there are one, pops up one by one from no where in a Los Angeles full of bad streets and shooting gangs. This is torture. It is bad, It is gloriously bad. It is not so bad to be good. It is bad. I hated the film. There was not a single frame that I remotely and subconsciously liked. It may be one of the stupidest and ridiculously boring film I have ever seen.

Seeing films like “Crank” getting a funding for sequel makes me cringe on the state of the film industry. The studio are ready to venture on a business basis for something so openly offensive about the work its doing. There are many budding and aspirant film makers who crave for an opportunity. Even if they get and get their films made, their films hit some film festivals and limited release with a week running in a desolated theatre in the cities. And here is “Crank: High Voltage” getting wide release and I am sure would run amok for several weeks. It is a depressing state.


Mathi said...

Rarely have i seen you get this strong in your criticism. But then i can also imagine how it have been.

Ashok said...

Horrid film !

Hanson Lye said...
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