Saturday, November 08, 2008

"Role Models" (2008) - Movie Review

When was the first time some one hears their first curse word? Mostly it would be around the age of Ronnie (Bobb’e J. Thompson) in “Role Models” and it might be tabooed among the kids or considered the cool thing to curse among their buddies. Either way when young and shrewd Ronnie does that without any issues and the adults around him have nothing else to say other than “Watch your mouth” as her mother or converse with his attitude as Wheeler (Sean William Scott) does.

“Role Models” relies on some of the things which would generally be advised not to which is trying to be funny among straight on explicit words among kids and second guessing the morality in it. And when Ronnie uses those as his only communication and the kids now a day would possibly have the attitude of it, there is not rolling against it. You play his or her game and try to lay a common ground. The problem is you got to get him or her in their off guard un-ego moment of immaturity and win their hearts. That happens in the case of Ronnie and Wheeler.

Wheeler and his colleague Danny (Paul Rudd) working as the marketing emblem of a company selling energy drink gets into trouble one fine day due to the bad day Danny goes through. Danny is in his thirties and he hardly can imagine his current state of life with inactivity and the void he has created with no ambitions. This cribbing laziness brings the heights of his negativity and his girl friend Beth (Elizabeth Banks) breaks up after his sudden “shake things up” pushes him to propose. That triggers him into the craziness of rage resulting unlawful events with Wheeler bringing him into the “Sturdy Wings” service. They need to do a solid thirty days of community service or be in the jail.

Each gets to be the “Big” for the “Little’s” as the ex-con-drug-junkie proprietor of the organization Gayle (Jane Lynch) puts it. Danny gets the nerd from the current generation of role playing in video game taking its real life form, Augie (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). He wanders with a cape and dresses up like the old English settlement people. Danny obviously with no interest is drawn into Augie’s dreamy community of similar interest people. And Wheeler gets a kick in his brain by this kid who throws everything at him.

Look at me seriously explaining the emotional plots of this funny film because it has a heart at its strange place. It has the best jokes among the common usage of a regular sentence ending up to be R-rated. The funniest lines are from the person saying it meaning seriously something resulting in the perverted mind of the observant, the co-actors and of course the audience. Paul Rudd is the buddy and he says the lines with the confidence that demands the laugh with an audacity of dialogue delivery in it. He creates a love for the writing he has worked along for the screenplay.

Sean William Scott is a jerk with unbelievable womanizing skills putting the everlasting question of how being a jerk wins women. He does nothing fancy but to walk the role with a little bit of heart in it. There is a care in this happy go lucky Wheeler to commit to something for a change. Along with Jane Lynch’s Gayle as the “bulls_____r” constantly putting the confusion on what exactly this woman is trying to say and whether she seriously means the crap she says or saying it to prank around to grab on the screw up Wheeler and Danny did.

If you look back in this review there would be nothing much of explanation in how funny the film was. It is tough to say what kind of comedy “Role Models” really delivered. It has the characters of every day life with the unusual hobbies and the acceptance of it. The last battle sequence in the Augie’s role playing community (no kidding!) has more action and as one character says killed by a feather sword “It is fun and totally contagious, isn’t it?”. The role playing world is the world I lived in with the cousins when I was young. Ours involved the imaginary gun bullets and pencil grenades. At times we had the driving helmet as the head gear for a serious sword fighting. “Role Models” is a tough film to explain on its funniness but it is not tough to laugh along with this film and it takes us with giggles, chuckles, smirks and everything that goes with it.

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